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Otto Loewi Award 2015

Dr. David Keays is the recipient of the 2015 Otto Loewi Award

The Otto Loewi Award 2015 was generously sponsored by EVER Pharma!
David Keays

Current Position: Group leader at the Research Insitute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 7, 1030 Vienna, Austria.


PhD 2006, University of Oxford
Wellcome Trust Training Fellow, University of Oxford
IMP Fellow at the IMP Vienna 2008-2012
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna since 2013

David Keays at the 2015 Otto Loewi Award ceremony in SalzburgMain research topic

Neuronal migration and magnetoreception: The Keays lab aims to understand two biological phenomena: 1) How do neurons migrate in the developing brain??2) How do animals detect magnetic fields? In tackling these two questions we adopt an interdisciplinary approach, employing a wide range of genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioral tools.





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