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Why become ANA Member?

ANA provides a platform for Austrian Neuroscience, and by being member of FENS links Austrian to international Neuroscience. We organize and have organized national and international meetings, such as the ENA (European Neuroscience Association) Meeting 1994 (Austria Center), the international Synaptogenesis Meeting 2003 (Campus Altes AKH), or the FENS Forum Meeting 2006 (Austria Center). Our national meetings rotate on a biennial basis by being organized by the local neuroscience communities in Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna.

ANA cares for the understanding of science and research in general and for the neurosciences in particular by the general public. We thus coordinate the international annual Brain Awareness Week that, under the patronage of the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), also takes place in several cities in Austria. ANA, on the other hand, has initiated a number of public discussions on science policy and research funding. We repeatedly reminded politicians – and will continue to do so in the future –that funding sciences is crucial for the prospects of our country.

As member of ANA you are member of FENS. FENS was founded on grounds of a Federation of National and Single Discipline Member Societies. Hence, without these members, including the ANA, FENS - with all the services it provides for European and international Neuroscience - would not exist. ANA members have served as FENS officers by being Treasurer (Alois Saria), Chairperson of FENS and PENS Schools (Sigismund Huck), and as FENS Secretary General (Sigismund Huck).

Every other year, ANA awards the Otto Loewi price worth 5.300 € to outstanding neuroscientists who have accomplished a major part of their work in Austria. This has been made possible due to partnerships with widely recognized sponsors, currently the Hertie Foundation.

ANA members profit from reduced registration fees at our national ANA Meetings and at the international FENS Forum Meetings. FENS and ANA provide travel grants for young scientists for their meetings, for the Brain Conferences in Copenhagen, for the FENS Summer (at Bertinoro/Italy) and Winter Schools (Kitzbühel/Austria), for the CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme (at Champalimaud/Lisbon and Bordeaux/France), for slots in National Courses (of the NENS Schools program), and even for the transcontinental YITP exchange program with China, Japan, and Australia (see the FENS Website).

By being an ANA member you support all these activities, you benefit from reduced registration fees, and you qualify for travel grants provided by both ANA and FENS!


ANA Membership Fees

The annual ANA membership fees are:

  • Student membership (Master or PhD students): € 15,-
  • Ordinary membership: € 40,-
  • Alumni membership (ANA only, does not include FENS): € 25,-
  • ANA partner membership: € 300,-


Please note: paying your annual membership by direct debit is highly appreciated. It spares members of watching their dues; it spares our Treasurer of reminding those who overlook or neglect such reminders.

In order to become a member please visit the page: Become a member
For direct debit you only have to fill out a form and send the original to the current ANA Treasurer.

Otherwise, please issue your annual payments to:

Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG
account number: 7307853
BLZ: 20111
IBAN: AT972011100007307853


Please note: If you are not interested to be member any more, please send an email to the ANA secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..